Our values ​​and commitments

As our offering evolves towards new horizons, our family confectionery is entering a new stage. Despite these changes, Maison Canel remains faithful to its values ​​and commitments, more than ever .

Sharing and family remain the foundations on which our identity and dedication rest. Our dearest wish is to offer our valued customers an abundance of delicacies, evoking the authentic flavors of their childhood. We are passionate about traditional products of unrivaled quality. Our ardent desire is that our customers can find with us the delicacies that were once revealed to them by their dear grandparents. We want to offer them the opportunity to introduce their own children to the emblematic confectioneries of their youth, these sweet taste pleasures which awaken the Proust madeleine in them. As they walk through the doors of our boutique, they will be able to close their eyes and be enveloped by the delicate and captivating scents of the most wonderful family celebrations.

By offering you these exceptional treasures, we support the preservation of ancestral know-how and the art that has made French gastronomy shine throughout the world.