Our history

Maison Canel, a family business resolutely focused on the exception , transports you to a world of refined confectionery, fine chocolates and local Provençal products . In collaboration mainly with local artisans, we offer you the best of traditional French gastronomy , as well as other sweets, each one more original than the last.

When Maison Canel was still Canel Confiserie

The beginnings, a time when Maison Canel was still known as Canel Confiserie. Since its creation, our store has been anchored in the Carré d'Or of Nice, at the prestigious 21 rue de France . This ideal location, at the entrance to the pedestrian zone, a few steps from the beach and the famous Palais de la Méditerranée, is part of the Nice district popular with locals and a must for tourists discovering the splendor of the Coast. Azure. Our shop has become a reference in Nice , both for the sale of souvenirs from the region and for that of traditional sweets and chocolates.

Established in 1981, our store was the result of a collaboration between a mother and her daughter . From the moment it opened, we offered an elegant tea room space, where delicate pastries and traditional sweets mixed together. Very quickly, our passion for quality craftsmanship was affirmed and we focused our efforts on the production of exceptional artisanal confectionery. The foundations of Maison Canel were already present at that time, when the sale of confectionery became our main activity to meet growing demand, thus occupying the entirety of our store.

The years passed, and with the arrival of the granddaughter and the great-granddaughter, Maison Canel became the fruit of four generations of exceptional women . The daughter, co-founder of the store with her mother, managed the family business until 2020, then passing on this precious know-how to her daughter, supported by the great-granddaughter. This is how, since 2021, we have perpetuated the tradition of yesteryear's confectioneries with passion and dedication .

Developments in 2021: Maison Canel expands its offering and becomes a real reference

In 2021, Maison Canel wanted to go further by offering a range of gourmet groceries , enhanced with a selection of Provençal savory products. For this new adventure, we have remained faithful to our commitment to excellence, always promoting the local know-how of passionate craftsmen , by sourcing exclusively from Maison Brémond 1830©. All the products offered in our gourmet grocery store come from this Provençal company, recognized for the impeccable quality of its ingredients, its mastery of traditional manufacturing techniques , as well as its respect for the environment and people.

Evolution in 2023: Maison Canel welcomes a new range bringing an additional touch of excellence

In 2023, we had the pleasure of welcoming exceptional teas from Maison Bourgeon into our House. Anxious to satisfy the finest palates, we have carefully selected a variety of refined teas from Maison Bourgeon, a prestigious house specializing in the art of infusion . These exceptional teas, with subtle aromas and captivating flavors, complete our offering, thus offering our customers a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

At Maison Canel, our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail remains unwavering . We are proud to invite you to explore our online store, where you will discover an enchanted world of confectionery, chocolates, local Provençal products, and now exceptional teas. Let yourself be seduced by our family history, our passion for French gastronomy and our desire to offer you gourmet moments full of charm and authenticity. Maison Canel is much more than a simple confectionery, it is an invitation to savor life with delight .