Empty 1830 metal box

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This beautiful empty 1830 metal box , measuring L 18 x W 18 x H 9 cm, is ideal for all your gift arrangements to be made by you . This may contain as desired:

  • 4 jars of 220g/250g
  • 3 oils in a 250ml can
  • 4 oils in a 100ml can
  • 4 jars of 90g

Maison Brémond 1830 x Maison Canel 1981

All shipments of our products sold by weight are made with boxes.

The photo presentation of our products sold by weight was made from a 375g ballotin. You can also see in the photo gallery of these products, the presentation of all our ballotins: 250g, 375g, 500g, 750, 1000g.

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