Extra virgin olive oil flavored with fresh basil in its elegant bottle

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Delicate extra virgin olive oil flavored with fresh basil , presented in its elegant bottle .

Olive oil is the treasure of our beautiful Mediterranean . This unique olive oil, with natural, powerful and authentic aromas , offers you the best of the Mediterranean coasts and its know-how resulting from the simultaneous pressing of fresh basil and olives . Here, everything is at stake to achieve the perfect balance of this extra virgin olive oil with fresh basil.

In Abruzzo , in central Italy , olive trees sit alongside basil plants that have been planted in the middle of the paths of the olive grove. Obviously, at the time of Olivades, the basil is simply added to the wheel. The very fragrant olive oil that emerges has naturally retained the full aromatic palette of fresh basil.

Gourmet pairings that we recommend: This will subtly complement pasta, salads, rice dishes, fresh cheeses, soups, tomatoes, soups.

Olive oil with basil in cooking:

  • Heirloom tomato salad with mozzarella, arugula and basil
  • Lobster tartare with ricotta, fleur de sel, balsamic vinegar and basil
  • Gnocchi with basil olive oil
  • Grilled fish, fresh spinach and basil sauce
  • Poultry fricassee with caramelized onions, flavored with basil and garlic oil
  • Strawberry carpaccio with basil and meringue pieces
Learn more about this olive oil:
  • Origin: Italy
  • Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 97.6%, fresh basil 2.4%.
  • Storage: Store away from light and heat.
  • Size: 100ml

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