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Cherry Christmas infusion in metal box

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Let yourself be transported into the enchanted holiday atmosphere with the deliciously festive “Cherry Christmas” infusion . This exquisite blend offers you a unique taste experience, combining the warm flavors of Christmas with a fruity and gourmet touch .

The sweet apple , symbol of generosity , forms the basis of this festive infusion. It brings a natural sweetness that evokes warm moments spent with family around a crackling fire .

The grapes , delicately dried , add a touch of sophistication to this blend. Their subtly sweet flavor is reminiscent of holiday table treats, creating a taste harmony that awakens childhood memories .

Coconut , with its exotic sweetness, adds a note of escape to this Christmas infusion . It is reminiscent of sunny beaches, creating a surprising but delicious contrast with winter spices .

Cinnamon sticks , symbols of warmth and comfort , delicately perfume this mixture. Their captivating aroma evokes the scents that escape from the kitchens where Christmas pastries are lovingly prepared .

Carrot , a surprising but delicious ingredient, adds a natural sweetness to this festive infusion. It brings a slightly sweet touch and a hint of vitamins, creating a balanced and refreshing experience .

Cherries , the emblematic fruit of the holidays , offer an explosion of fruity and juicy flavors. Their presence adds a gourmet and festive note to the whole, evoking the sumptuous desserts served during end-of-year celebrations .

Cardamom , with its exquisite and spicy fragrance, crowns this Christmas infusion with a touch of elegance . It brings an aromatic subtlety that awakens the senses and adds a sophisticated dimension to each sip.

Finally, the small popcorn kernels bring a fun and crunchy touch to this festive mixture. They evoke family movie nights and add a note of pleasure to each cup enjoyed .

“Cherry Christmas” is the epitome of holiday magic . Treat yourself to a moment of sweetness and conviviality by tasting this unique infusion, which evokes warm memories and timeless traditions .

  • Recipe: Infusion without theine, apple, grapes, coconut, cinnamon sticks, carrot, cherry, cardamom, popcorn.
  • Aromatic notes: Cherry, coconut and cinnamon.
  • Brewing time: 10 to 12 minutes at 90 degrees.
  • 40g metal box

Maison Bourgeon x Maison Canel 1981

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