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Easter almond paste

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Adorable marzipan eggs, rabbits, chickens, sheep and ladybugs to complete your chocolate eggs.

To celebrate Easter, we have chosen for you the best traditional products, but also original creations to share during a family meal.

Easter is more than a celebration, it awakens sweet nostalgia, childhood memories and flavors of yesteryear. The search for Easter eggs, chickens, chocolate bunnies and other sweets, hidden in the garden, by a rabbit or bells from Italy, the pleasure of tasting sweet treats make this celebration a unique and unforgettable moment .

Easter is your date with gluttony! Amaze your children, delight your loved ones, treat yourself to the luxury of a sweet break.

Our special Easter almond pastes are an opportunity to offer sweet treats , but also to beautify your table with joyful colors.

Did you know ?

Why do you eat eggs for Easter?

It all started with the egg and the tradition that we give each other eggs at this time of the year and this goes back to Antiquity because 5,000 years ago, the Persians gave each other eggs in spring chicken, symbols of fertility and renewal, to bring good luck but in Europe, the custom finds its roots in the Easter festival which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday marks the end of Lent and this period of fasting, once very respected, prohibited, among other things, the faithful from eating eggs and at the end of the 40 days of deprivation, the faithful offered themselves the production of chickens accumulated during of this period.

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