Provençal pesto with summer truffle

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Inimitable Provençal pesto with summer truffle . This pesto with its inimitable taste enhances everything it touches ! A plate of pasta or simple toast becomes a luxury meal .

Pesto is best served over pasta . A spoonful of pesto in a vinaigrette (not too oily) will give a pleasant flavor to your green or mixed salads . Pesto is also used in cakes and savory tarts or on small toasts as an aperitif .

Gourmet pairings that we recommend: This one is to be enjoyed with pasta, ravioli, toast or in a glass combined with goat cheese.

  • Origin: France
  • Ingredients: Artichoke stock, chickpeas, culinary preparation based on summer truffles and white truffle flavoring 7.5% (broken Tuber Aestivum truffle 75%, cooking juice, water, salt flavoring), olive oil extra virgin, preparation based on olive oil and truffle flavoring (99% extra virgin olive oil, truffle flavoring), salt, pepper.
  • Our advice on storage conditions: Store in a cool place after opening.
  • Weight: 90g

Maison Brémond 1830 x Maison Canel 1981

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