Chai Matcha tea in metal box

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of “Chai Matcha” tea , an exquisite fusion of Japanese matcha tea and captivating spices. This harmonious marriage transports you on a unique sensory journey, where the elegance of matcha meets the captivating warmth of spices .

Matcha tea , finely ground from green tea leaves , is the quintessence of Japanese tradition . Its delicate taste and vibrant color invite you to a taste experience of rare finesse.

Ginger , spicy and invigorating, adds a touch of liveliness to this mixture. Its spicy and warm flavor awakens the senses and offers a stimulating experience, perfect for an energizing break .

Licorice , soft and subtle, brings a sweet and soothing note to the whole. It blends harmoniously with pieces of cinnamon and date , creating a symphony of comforting and delicious flavors . These exotic ingredients evoke the bustling markets of distant lands.

Cardamom , with its captivating aroma, perfects this tea by giving it a refined and spicy note . Its intoxicating scent awakens an insatiable taste curiosity.

Finally, black pepper , with its slight hint of spiciness, crowns this mixture with surprising subtlety. It adds a touch of complexity and depth, creating a balanced symphony of spices .

Let yourself be carried away by the unique flavors of “Chai Matcha”. Each sip transports you to a fascinating world where the elegance of matcha meets the richness of spices . Relax, savor and let yourself be captivated by this exceptional taste experience.

The ingredients have been selected of impeccable quality to offer you creations that awaken the senses .

  • Recipe: Matcha tea, ginger, licorice, cinnamon and date pieces, cardamom, black pepper.
  • Aromatic notes: Ginger, licorice and vanilla.
  • Brewing time: 8 to 10 minutes at 90 degrees.
  • 55g metal box

Maison Bourgeon x Maison Canel 1981

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