First Kiss tea in sachet

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Discover the magic and romance of “First Kiss” tea , a special Valentine’s Day tea. This enchanting blend combines Chinese black tea with slivered almonds, rose petals, pink berries, pieces of ginger and natural cherry and ginger flavors, creating a passionate and deliciously fragrant taste experience .

Chinese black tea forms the base of this blend, providing a rich, full-bodied flavor . It is renowned for its depth and robust character, providing a solid backdrop for the other ingredients.

Slivered almonds add a crunchy note and subtle sweetness to the infusion. They provide a delicious texture and delicate nutty flavor that pairs harmoniously with black tea.

Rose petals provide floral romance to this special Valentine's Day tea. Their presence adds an attractive visual note and floral subtlety that evokes the passionate feelings of love .

The pink berries help add a slight spicy touch and a hint of tang to the whole thing. Their subtly peppery flavor balances the other ingredients , adding an additional dimension to the infusion.

The pieces of ginger provide subtle heat and a slightly spicy note. They add a touch of liveliness and freshness to the whole , creating an invigorating taste experience .

The natural flavors of cherry and ginger perfect this blend by giving it a deliciously fragrant and fruity touch . The cherry flavor adds a sweet, fruity note , while the ginger flavor adds extra warmth and liveliness .

The “First Kiss” tea is an invitation to celebrate love and passion . Its unique blend of black tea, almonds, rose petals, pink berries, ginger and natural flavors offers a captivating taste experience full of romance .

  • Recipe: Chinese black tea, flaked almonds (13%), rose petals, pink berries, pieces of ginger, natural cherry flavor, natural ginger flavor.
  • Aromatic notes: Almond, cherry, ginger.
  • Infusion time: 3 to 5 min at 80-90 degrees.
  • 100g bag

Maison Bourgeon x Maison Canel 1981

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