Secret of the Angels Tea in metal box

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Discover the celestial delights of “Secret of the Angels” tea . This divine blend transports you to an enchanted world with its carefully selected composition for a taste experience worthy of angels .

Sencha green tea , of exceptional finesse, forms the basis of this heavenly tea . Its light and refreshing infusion evokes the verdant gardens of the heavens , creating a delicate and soothing harmony for the senses .

Sweet papaya adds an exotic tropical note to this angelic blend . Its deliciously sweet and refreshing taste evokes gentle heavenly breezes , providing a vacation feeling in every cup enjoyed .

Pineapple , with its sweet and tangy flavor, completes the whole with a touch of exoticism . Its tropical and refreshing taste adds a feeling of escape and indulgence with each sip.

Pai Mu Tan white tea , delicate and refined, brings a subtle sweetness to this angelic blend . Its silvery white leaves evoke the purity and lightness of angels, offering a calming and balanced experience .

Marigold flowers , with their vibrant color and sweet floral scent, add a delicate, sunny note to the whole . They evoke the flower gardens where angels rest , creating a symphony of colors and scents .

Cornflower flowers , of a bright celestial blue , complete this blend with their delicate aroma and visual beauty . They add a captivating visual touch and floral subtlety to each cup enjoyed.

“Secret des Anges” is much more than a tea, it is a taste experience that transports you to a celestial world of flavors and wonder . Treat yourself to a moment of serenity and delight by tasting this exceptional tea , which evokes the purity and beauty of angels .

  • Recipe: Sencha green tea, papaya, pineapple, Pai Mu Tan white tea, marigold flowers, cornflower flowers.
  • Aromatic notes: Exotic fruits and bergamot.
  • Brewing time: 2 to 3 minutes at 80 degrees.
  • 20g metal box

Maison Bourgeon x Maison Canel 1981

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